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Outdoor Accent LED Strip Lighting: An Advantage Lighting Choice


Outdoor accent LED strip lighting is an easy way to spruce up the exterior of your home. When made by professionals and installed by a caring company, the lights can add a sense of sophistication and opulence or convey your enthusiasm for a holiday, sports team, or cause. Choosing the right accent of  lighting for your home doesn’t have to be a bother. It simply comes down to what you hope to achieve with the look of your home and the functionality offered by assorted types of lighting. Taking a minute to understand what sets LED lighting apart from the competition could only be beneficial.


What Are LEDs?

LEDs are also known to some as light-emitting diodes. They’re electrically powered lights that take very little power to operate, last up to 50,000 hours, come in a range of colours and brightness, and generate little to no heat. LEDs can be used in all weather conditions and are an ideal solution to outdoor accent lighting needs for both homes and businesses. Best of all, LED lighting is surprisingly cost-effective to install.


How Do They Compare?

There are several types of lighting fixtures used these days, each with their own set of pros and cons. Incandescentlighting has been a traditional go-to since 1879. Incandescent bulbs are horrible in terms of efficiency and generate a lot of heat. Incandescent bulbs tend to burn out after a relatively short period of time and are not good choices for the environmentally minded. Fluorescent lighting is better than incandescent in terms of efficiency, but the quality of light is poor and don’t stand up well to changing weather or the cold. They also require special ballasts that can increase the cost of ownership. Halogen lighting is very bright, and great for security purposes, but tends to take up to seven minutes to fully activate. For those of us living with Canada’s wildly changing weather season to season and have a desire to reduce our impact on the environment, LED lighting is an ideal solution.


Other Benefits

If you’re still on the fence about the best choice to beautify your home or business with outdoor accent lighting, consider these other benefits to LED lighting systems. Changing the colour of the LEDs and the patterns in which they are displayed is as simple as using a phone app. They can be programmed to be static, give a sense of movement, blinking, and several other excellent settings. LED lighting can be changed to convey your interest in a specific holiday, sports team, or cause by changing the lights to just about any colour scheme you can imagine. They also happen to be as good at providing gentle ambiance as they are at more boisterous applications. Regardless of your unique needs, LED lighting is a perfect fit.


Outdoor accent LED strip lighting can be applied to just about any structure. It provides users with a variety of options that other lighting sources can’t begin to match. It’s efficient. It’s beautiful. It’s cost-effective. Contact the most reputable installer of quality LED strip lighting today and shed some light on your life.